In 2018, the Victorian Government announced its intention to build a link between Sunshine Station and Melbourne Airport, at an envisaged cost of around 10 billion dollars.

In late 2020, Agonis was asked to provide constructability advice for MAR’s pre-determined corridor. As part of this, Agonis provided a suite of plans presenting different sequencing and construction methodologies. With a heavy focus on MAR’s interfaces with Ballarat and Andersons Roads, Agonis was deeply involved in sequencing of major bridge works over two of West Melbourne’s key thoroughfares.

June – December 2020




Agonis Resources: Daniel Harris and Rob Ronchi.

Agonis Services: Constructability, Program, Staging Advisory, Value Engineering, Subject Matter Expert Technical Advice.

Advanced sequencing minimizing disruption to major thoroughfares – Ballarat and Andersons Roads aretwo of Melbourne’s major regional connectors. Their continued operability had to be protected while also allowing for the unhindered operation of train services – particularly those of the ARTC.

Deft stakeholder engagement – In providing construction advice to MAR, Agonis was required to manage the expectations of many stakeholders. These included VicRoads, Brimbank City Council, as well as several rail operators. In particular, Agonis was key to the simultaneous fulfilment of VicRoads’ requirement of minimal traffic disruption, and ARTC’s requirement that works be condensed into two sixty-hour track occupations.

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