The City Tram Extension Project is a design and construct contract that provided the extension of the existing tramline into North Terrace and King William Street, and including the renewal of the existing tramline in Jetty Road at Glenelg.

The scope of work involved the project management of the Downer-York construction JV with Aurecon as the designer, as well as extensive stakeholder relationships. These relationships include the public, City Of Adelaide, local businesses, bus, road, and tram operators. The Project involves the design and installation of one of the most complex pieces of crossing work at the intersection of North Terrace and King William Street which is nearing successful commissioning.

Project Location

Adelaide, SA

Total Project Value

$80 Million

Value of Agonis Services (estimated)

$1.7 Million


Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure (DPTI)

Start Date

January 2017

End Date


Agonis Group’s Role

In a partnership with SMEC, Agonis Group led all facets of client project management services which included:

  • Design management;
  • DPTI internal stakeholder management with operational and maintenance departments;
  • Rail Safety assurance with ONRSR;
  • External stakeholder management with the City of Adelaide, businesses, public transport groups, community, and road users;
  • Utility management;
  • Commercial and Contract management;
  • Construction management and surveillance; and
  • Commissioning management.

The success of the engagement has led to the client directly negotiating with Agonis Group as the Project Manager for the Stage 2 works commenced in July 2018.


Client-side project management, contract management, risk management, systems development, design management, construction surveillance, stakeholder management, commissioning management, oprerational planning.

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