Sydney Metro is a new stand-alone railway network that will encompass the south-west corridor alignment from Sydney to Bankstown. The Southwest & Corridor Works extends 13.5km from Sydenham to Bankstown.

This portion of the 13.5km existing railway is currently operated and managed by Sydney Trains. Significant upgrades included the conversion of the line into a modern, driverless metro system, linking it to the new underground metro, under Sydney Harbour and through to Chatswood. The SSC works will double current service capacity. The $10B Program of works requires significant station and platform works to facilitate the driverless trains, platform doors, platform straightening, track and rail system realignment and reconstruction, and linkage to Central station in a high brownfield and complex rail, interchange, and business environment. Works will be undertaken in a complex staged approach to minimise community, customer, and business disruption.

Project Location

Sydney, NSW

Total Project Value

$10 Billion

Value of Agonis Services (estimated)

$1.3 Million


Sydney Metro

Start Date

May 2016

Start Date

December 2017

Agonis Group’s Role

Agonis was selected to undertake two key functions – leading procurement for brownfield work packages at the complex Central Station and provide construction planning work along the corridor route to Bankstown.

The constructability and planning assignment provided Sydney Metro with a key risk management strategy leading into the procurement process. We delivered contractor methodologies and MCA staging that positively influenced reference designs. We worked successfully in stakeholder engagement, utility agency management and environmental approvals. Working jointly with the QS, we undertook estimate reviews, and developed strategies to minimise customer, community, business, and customer disruption.

The assignment was well-received by Sydney Metro and provided a platform to compare and interrogate proponent bids, risk, and assessment criteria.

Our work in the procurement of Central Station packages assisted in the strategy to anticipate and manage risk associated with one of the most complex and busiest transport interchanges in Australia.

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