Agonis was contracted by John Holland to provide Project Delivery Services on a major periodic maintenance project on the Country Regional Network. As part of this work, Agonis was tasked with delivering projects which would improve the quality of track in areas where there were significant ongoing maintenance issues.

Significant re-sleepering work was completed in line with state and national standards, and Agonis’ management of the project was commended by Transport for New South Wales in several quarterly reviews.

February 2019 -Current





Key Services: Re-sleepering, Tamping, Earthworks, Procurement and Delivery Strategy.

Key Areas of Value to ARTC:


Experience working in remote areas – Thanks to Agonis’s procurement and delivery strategy, our project scope has been delivered on budget and schedule. This has taken significant innovation, with particularly difficult to access site locations, and significant distances between site and industrial centres around which material and labour sources are preponderantly collected.

Experience on rail maintenance and construction – Inland Rail is the largest rail freight infrastructure project in Australia. The sheer scale of the line has massive ramifications for its continued maintenance and renewal. With Agonis’s considerable experience in rail asset management – from maintenance all the way to capital works – we are well-equipped to provide the ARTC with the expert maintenance services it will need.

Site Engineering Experience – Agonis has garnered considerable site engineering experience through its work on the country regional network. This has given us a unique insight into on-site processes and the sort of constructability documentation that is clear, concise, and comprehensible; the sort that makes construction easier, rather than more complex than it needs to be. In offering constructability Advice to RPV, Agonis believes this understanding of construction at ground level is key to success.

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