The $615 million electrification and modernisation of the Gawler rail line will deliver a faster, cleaner and more reliable service, delivering an electrified network through Adelaide from Gawler to Seaford.

Once complete the electrified line will support increased capacity and future growth for development along the rail corridor and in northern Adelaide.

The Scope of works includes:

  • Electrification of the Gawler rail line and Dry Creek Railcar Depot;
  • Pedestrian level crossing enhancements;
  • Acquisition of 15 additional three-car electric trains (introduced in stages following completion of the electrification works);
  • Replacement of the signalling system (including Automatic Train Protection provision); and
  • Fencing of the rail corridor for improved safety.

Project Location

Adelaide, South Australia

Total Project Value

$ 615 Million

Value of Agonis Services (estimated)



Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI)

Start Date

September 2018

Start Date

March 2019

Agonis Group’s Role

Agonis was selected to lead the DPTI project system and safety assurance activities to ensure a cohesive approach is taken across all parts of the project’s organisation, including its Contractors.

We worked with multiple stakeholders to influence and provide confidence that safety risk continues to be managed throughout the project lifecycle in accordance with Rail Safety National Law requirements and the accredited safety management system.

Our work assisted in creating a safety assurance and accreditation strategy across the project in identifying the work required to deliver an integrated safety argument across the project lifecycle to support a variation to the accredited organisation’s rail safety accreditation.

Agonis then supported the project team in implementing its project governance arrangements.

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