New Appointment: Hang Tran

Biz Stone, the cofounder of Twitter, once said that “When you hand good people possibility, they do great things”.

As Agonis Group develops and matures, we’re excited by the possibility of bringing together a diverse, highly skilled array of original thinkers to tackle some of Australia’s most challenging problems. With huge population growth and changing transport practices around Australia, our industry can no longer afford to continue as before. In order to confront the unique challenges faced by the nation this century, Australia’s engineering sector needs fresh and practical ideas.

Having recently joined our Strategic Services Stream, Hang Tran has already contributed valuable ideas and engineering insights on a number of assignments. On top of the absurdly cute photos of her dog Frank that Hang employs for her Teams Background, Agonis has quickly recognised her qualities as a motivated and supportive team player.

Growing up in a refugee family, and learning English at a country town Primary School, Hang routinely found herself translating differences and bridging cultural divides. Hang also brings a lifelong curiosity and generosity of spirit to the job, epitomised by her love of travel and her volunteer work with recent immigrants. Working in Strategic Services, where each job is markedly different and stakeholder management calls for dialogue, critique and compromise, Hang, and the unique lived experience she brings with her, are incredible assets to Agonis Group.

Our Strategic Services team that Hang is now a valued member of is focuses on tailored and intelligent problem solving that combines practical, first principles engineering, commercial and construction know-how. The team finds ways to use systematic analysis and assessment to formulate responsive solutions to address client needs, bringing particular value in contracts, feasibility studies, and construction planning. Through this, and engaging fresh talent such as Hang, we seek to lift the bar, try new angles, and remould outdated methodology.

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