Our collective knowledge and risk mitigation framework ensure constructability, operability and maintainability.
Expertise in constructability and project interface management

Agonis Group has brought our expertise in constructability and project interface management to the Water sector.

Preparing for the future is our most valuable resource; the security and resilience of our water resources are essential to maintaining every aspect of life. The social and economic impacts of water development decisions are of utmost importance.

The outlook for the Australian water infrastructure industry is strong, with the nation’s population growth expected to be more than five times the average OECD rate until 2050. Australia’s water infrastructure is ageing, while the increasing severity of floods and droughts due to climate change is expected to increase infrastructure needs.

Climate change is increasing the severity of flooding and droughts in different parts of the world. (World Meteorological Organization 2021). We must predict the changing dynamics and take corrective action towards sustainable water industry development.

On our doorstep, rapid population growth nationally, climate change, and significant development to putting the outer edges of our city’s ageing water assets impact the availability of this critical resource, pressure on our conventional water and wastewater Infrastructure.

Integrated partnerships are becoming increasingly important in providing value to customers. Agonis is a company that significantly benefits the industry by reducing capital and maintenance costs and providing stakeholder and operations security.

Our water team brings a wealth of experience to this exciting sector. We leverage our constructability capability and apply it to all facets of water sector projects, such as tunnels, pipelines, and water and wastewater treatment plants. Our experience with complex projects is unparalleled, and we have a team who are experts in designing, building, and maintaining water assets.

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