Preparing for the Future

On our own doorstep, rapid population growth in Melbourne, climate change, major development to the outer edges of our city, and aging water assets impact the availability of this critical resource, putting pressure on our conventional water and wastewater infrastructure.

To address immediate challenges while focusing on long term solutions and goals, it is important that projects are conceived, developed, and delivered efficiently . Their construction must yield optimal maintainability and operability without adding additional burden to the life cycle management of these critical assets.

“The successful design, development and maintenance of our nation’s water infrastructure requires the integration of are many disciplines.”

What We Do

Constructability Assurance significantly reduces project cost, enhances program timeline surety, and aligns stakeholder expectations, community satisfaction, and infrastructure sustainability.

How We Do It

Leveraging our Industry construction and maintenance risk knowledge to provide integrated project buildability, operability, and maintainability.

When We Do It

Constructability Assurance applies during all phases of the project life cycle.

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