Roads play a crucial part in shaping and connecting our nations communities and facilitating the functionality of our cities and regions. Our work has helped change how our country's road infrastructure is upgraded and developed.
Support throughout the project life cycle

When we plan for today, we must consider the challenges that tomorrow’s population growth and changing modes of transport will create.

Based on years of collective knowledge and experience, Agonis Group specialises in Road Infrastructure project constructability, surveillance, and technical advisory services. Agonis provides constructability, construction and delivery advice, high-level risk assessment, traffic management planning and SME technical advice, improving project outcomes for clients, contractors, and the community.

We provide support throughout the project life cycle, from strategic planning to design, construction, asset management and operations.

Agonis has provided constructability solutions for major road infrastructure projects across Australia.

Our team plays a vital role in the largest road project in the country— The North East link Program in Melbourne. As the sole constructability advisor on the $18b program of work, incorporating tunnels, new roads, and widening of the Eastern Freeway, we work collaboratively with designers, contractors, and stakeholders to enhance constructability and to maintain existing road operations’ during construction.

Agonis Group has worked with significant road developments since our inception and has been integral in delivering some of our country’s largest road infrastructure projects to date.

Our work has helped change how developments and upgrades to our road infrastructure have been completed across the country.

We deploy our constructability team on some of the most complex road projects to drive optimal solutions and best project outcomes where everyone ultimately benefits; the client, designers, operators, government stakeholders, and the end users.

Integrated Transport Solutions

“Our expertise helps initiate, plan, develop, finance, design, construct, maintain and operate transportation infrastructure that connects people, communities, and industry.”

Whether road or rail, underground or even through our nation’s most remote locations, at Agonis, we help move people and freight.

We’re strategic yet practical by leveraging our constructability knowledge which helps our clients save money while being innovative, environmentally concise, and considering community concerns when delivering critical infrastructure projects across various transport modes.

The Agonis Group brings value to its clients through cost-effective solutions and expert knowledge in a wide range of areas, including planning, design, engineering, construction management, land use and support and innovative financing mechanisms in public and private partnerships.

Some of our recent projects include the North East Link Program, Melbourne Metro Tunnel, the Level Crossing Removal Program, and Regional Rail Revival.

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