Our Services

We provide the layer of assurancethat what is tendered for can be built. This is essential for project budget alignment and meeting business case objectives without deviation from the tendered design.

Agonis guarantees that the key elements that make up a successful project are assessed, critiqued, advised on, and delivered, which underpins the trajectory of a successful project from inception through to life cycle maintenance.

“By utilising the skills and experience of our Construction and Maintenance Professionals, we are in a unique position to apply our Rail Assurance Methodologies to any Industry.”

What We Do

Rail Construction, Maintenance, and Asset Management. Our holistic approach significantly reduces cost, enhances program timeline surety, and aligns stakeholder expectations, community satisfaction, and infrastructure sustainability.

How We Do It

Leveraging our Industry Rail Construction and Maintenance R integrated project buildability, operability, and maintainability.

When We Do It

Rail Assurance applies during all phases of the asset life cycle.

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