The Public Transport Authority of West Australia (PTA) commissioned Agonis Group to undertake an engineering review of the works required and the associated cost to reinstate the Tier 3 Grain Lines in the WA freight network to operational condition.

The purpose of the review was to establish the condition of the Tier 3 network and provide detailed costings for either the rehabilitation or rebuild, or combination of both, to enable the PTA/WA Government to make an informed decision of funding allocation for maximum value and regional community benefit.

June – August 2020





Consultants: Joe Angelucci, Rex Knuckey.

Services: Constructability, cost estimation and critical factors assessment, for the upgrade of the Tier 3 disused rail lines.

Relevant Experience & Key Value

Previous Experience: Agonis has been engaged by the Public Transport Authority (PTA) to provide, expert assistance, expertise and constructability advice on a series of projects for the Perth Metropolitan Rail Network. Individual assignments have incorporated bridges, tunnels and structures, stations and facilitates, infrastructure configuration and turnbacks, interchange works and level crossing removals.

Constructability Rail, Road, Bridge, and Level Crossing: Our engagement consisted of various practical, strategic and technical services including constructability, maintainability, deliverability, risk assessments, and cost estimation.

Stakeholder Engagement: Agonis worked collaboratively with key stakeholders in PTA, WA Government, Arc Infrastructure and CBH to prepare the report that benefited all stakeholders by proposing a track structure that ensured lower maintenance infrastructure costs, higher axle loads, and higher train speeds. The report established that higher grain tonnages could be carried on rail hence reducing truck movements and the impact on roads and community safety.

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