Agonis was contracted to provide utilities relocation, rail structure constructability, procurement, early investigation works and bid submission advice to McConnell Dowell across 300 km of track spanning Victoria.

A significant facet of Agonis’s remit was to aid McConnell Dowell in the completion of required works within a short time frame. This needed to be balanced with complex mitigating factors such as heritage and environmental considerations of the surrounding site.

January 2020 -September 2021





Key Services: Safeworking, Location of Services, Geotechnical surveys, procurement strategy.

Understanding of Regional Networks – Throughout this project, significant attention was devoted to the interface between the ARTC and Victoria’s primary passenger service operator – V/Line. As such, Agonis is familiar with the complexities of interfacing national and state rail assets. As a national rail line directly spanning three states, the Inland rail requires contractors who can navigate these relationships with the intelligence they warrant.

Experience – Thanks to Agonis’s work in Northern Victoria, we have significant experience working in a regional setting. On this project, Agonis was responsible for relationships with local contractors. Our experience is that done properly, these projects can be an opportunity to strengthen communities, and it is our goal that these relationships bear fruit not just for Inland Rail, but the communities through which it passes. In the end, nothing will be more important to Inland Rail’s long-term success.

Site Engineering Experience – Agonis has garnered considerable site engineering experience through our work with McConnell Dowell on the Victorian leg of the Inland Rail. This has given us a unique insight into on-site processes and the sort of constructability documentation that is clear, concise, and comprehensible; the sort that makes construction easier, rather than more complex than it needs to be. In offering constructability advice services, Agonis believes this understanding of construction at ground level is key to success.

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