Agonis Group formed part of a team with Veolia and Ganden Engineering for the upgrade of Coliban Water’s Bendigo Water Treatment Plant.

As constructability advisor to the project Agonis assessed the civils element of the work that was required for the installation of a new chlorination facility and CWS Bypass tank within the existing treatment plant.

Using the concept design as the basis for the assessment Agonis developed a construction plan for open cut pipe installation adjacent to the existing reservoir and assessed two options for expediting the construction of a 15ML tank.

May 2022 – August 2022




Agonis Resources: : Lucas Barton, Neil Bracken, Katelyn Wylie

Agonis Services: Concept Design Assessment, Optioneering, Enabling Works Planning, Scheduling

Key Areas of Value to Coliban Water:

Concept Design Assessment – One of the Agonis Group’s key services and benefits to clients is the ability to analyse the concept design and evaluate the constructability, followed by recommendations for changes or improvements if the opportunities exist. On this project the design had detailed the civil requirements but no emphasis had been placed on the scope of the enabling works. Following a site visit, and meeting with the participating parties, Agonis provided essential input to the additional site investigation that needed to be carried out and the scale of work that was required for dealing with existing utilities. The construction program that Agonis developed provided the client with a realistic timeline for delivery of the project, something that was unclear before our involvement.

Subject Matter Experts In One significant learning from this project was the value in bringing groups together, all with their own particular skills, to develop a realistic forecast of a project’s timeline. In this case the client wanted one portion of the works completed before a milestone date, which, at the time they thought was achievable. Agonis will always endeavour to innovate and develop solutions that benefit a project, however, their output will never mislead a client. In this case the client’s expectations for delivery could not be met. However, to develop a program at such an early stage of a project, and determine an accurate procurement and delivery timeline, is a major benefit as it aligns all parties with the expected project duration.

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