Subject matter experts creating innovative solutions


Leveraging our Industry construction risk knowledge to provide integrated project buildability, operability, and maintainability.


Our SMEs add value over the life of their involvement and provide whole-of-life project assurance by engaging early in the process.


Serving as independent constructability advisors, we provide support during feasibility, design, construction, operations, and maintenance.


Our collective knowledge and risk mitigation framework ensure buildability, operability and maintainability.

Infrastructure construction and front-end development

Constructability Assurance significantly reduces project cost, enhances program timeline surety, and aligns stakeholder expectations, community satisfaction, and infrastructure sustainability.

At Agonis Group, we assist clients in providing certainty that what is being tendered can be built, operated, and maintained. We have a team of experts who are passionate about projects and know how to design and develop projects efficiently.

Our Subject Matter Experts are instrumental in ensuring whole-of-life project success by engaging early in the process and considering all implications across the asset development lifecycle. They use their knowledge and experience to ensure projects are successful.

The direct benefit of leveraging Agonis Group’s constructability advice is that projects can reap the benefits of Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) without being constrained by a procurement model.

We help clients provide certainty to the market about the feasibility of the proposed project and the associated risks. Doing this results in a win-win for the client, contractor, operator, maintainer, and community.

Our team of experts are skilled in both infrastructure construction and front-end development.

Our SMEs consider all implications across the asset development lifecycle, leveraging their hands-on knowledge. It delivers a whole-life, complete perspective of projects that enable efficiency in design and maximises the wider team’s efforts whilst not going down the path of the common trap of redundant design work and the deviation between tendered design and the as-built result.

Informing Cost Estimation and providing First Principles Estimating

Concept Initiation

Lead scope identification through the construction lens of early design optioneering, clearly defining scope, leading to robust business cases, sustainability objectives, and stakeholder risk strategy.

Planning & Procurement

Fully develop risk strategy, budget & contingency, leading preliminary designs that are constructible, operable, and maintainable to meet identified stakeholder objectives, providing superior procurement outcomes through greater risk articulation and equitable allocation.


Constructability Assurance within surveillance activity to manage safety, scope creep, cost, program, sustainability, and stakeholder issues whilst maintaining infrastructure service operability.


Facilitating efficient asset integration, acceptance, and hand-over through holistic operational and maintainability considerations, managed progressively since Concept Initiation.

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