Agonis Group brings clarity to complexities. We draw on our experience and expertise to provide our clients with robust and reliable advice. The expertise provided by our team includes Strategic project development and front-end advisory, Procurement, transaction, and commercial advisory.

The successful procurement of our nation’s infrastructure requires the integration of many disciplines.

To address immediate challenges while focusing on long-term solutions and goals, it is essential that projects are conceived, developed, and delivered efficiently.

The complex transaction process requires the integration of many disciplines and influential stakeholders from technical, financial, commercial, and legal that need to be seamlessly integrated into the transaction process to meet key program timelines and allow our clients to be informed to make decisions along the way.

Our practitioners advise and support our clients by:
  • Designing effective and efficient procurement strategies and processes tailored to the needs of the project.
  • Delivering a methodology that seamlessly integrates all disciplines empowering our clients to make informed decisions.
  • Integration of all key stakeholders.
  • Enabling accurate and realistic reporting of project timelines, costs and risks early in the transaction phase by leveraging Agonis Groups Constructability knowledge.
  • Achieving the best project outcomes and driving value for money.
  • Lead negotiations with contractors.
  • Leveraging our constructability knowledge to set up projects for successful delivery, mitigating scope, financial and program risk before the mobilisation of the delivery phase.
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