Adapting to the Future – We are getting our graduates ready, faster than ever.

We sat down with Vincent Chong from the fast track graduate program to get some insight into what makes the program so unique.

Our graduates thrive in the program— unlike their peers in other similar companies, our graduates are thrown right into the world of engineering, being a part of esteemed projects and important decision making from the get-go. You won’t find them doing admin work, they are hands-on and enjoy a fast-paced way of learning right from the start.

We’re always on the lookout for new graduates who are wanting to learn from the best in the industry in fast-paced, hands-on way. At Agonis group, our graduates are valued and a part of the team working on a huge range of projects to make sure they immerge well rounded at the end of our program.

Check out what Vincent had to say about the fast track graduate program and find out why Agonis group is the right choice for your graduate experience.

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