With over 35 years’ experience, Luigi Rossi is an Industry leader in the development and implementation of Major Infrastructure Projects specialising in the fields of Road, Rail and Building infrastructure.

Luigi, is  recognized as an expert in procurement strategies that align to infrastructure delivery and asset management with sound consideration of the appropriate risk allocation and transport planning  linking Land Use, Population and Transport Planning.

He understands the Public-Sector framework and the importance of delivering projects and programs to support the Government’s policy agenda without compromising commercial outcomes and managing stakeholder expectations.

A champion for policy change that supports Equality, Diversity and Inclusion across the industry, he Initiated a policy that all projects require 15 % of upskilling of youth, aboriginal/Torres strait islanders  and those who have been faced with barriers who have found it difficult to gain employment.

His position as an industry leader has been acknowledged by the Australian Institute of Engineers, who awarded  him the Professional Engineer of the Year Award in 2014. He also received the Public Service Medal in the Queen’s Birthday Australian Honour’s 2014 for “outstanding public service in the development and implementation of major infrastructure projects.